Given the imminent globalization, the division and specialization of knowledge is vitally important to improve the decision-making process. For this reason, the general administration of Versus Risk has decided to create different business units to solve problems in a more efficient manner.

Our main divisions are:


This is the “thinking” division of our company. In the corporate offices, the operational and financial control of the company is performed. Furthermore, the corporate staff is in charge of ensuring proper inner functionality of the corporation, maintaining a high internal and external transparency. Additionally, the corporate team is responsible for providing immediate technical support services to our customers.


In order to prevent accidents involving the staff, equipment, facilities and the environment, the integrity team of Versus Risk offers services that will guarantee the installation, operation and maintenance within the Oil and Gas Industry. Some of the Integrity services that we offer are:

  1. Field surveying.
  2. Non-destructive testing (NDT).
  3. Pressure vessels and pipeline integrity judgment.
  4. Simulation of problems and solution proposal.
  5. Project design for integrity restitution.
  6. Procurement of materials.
  7. Project for integrity restitution.


When making any technical maneuver or administrative process, it is normal that problems arise during the execution of any task. Usually, the best solutions come from an external perspective that is unaware of the problem. The expertise of Versus Risk’s team consists on delivering early and enduring solutions to any operational or administrative problem in a skillful and expeditious way.

New technologies

Here at Versus Risk, we firmly believe in the importance of generating new knowledge in order to be one-step ahead of the competition. Our staff has set the task of assisting to fairs, conferences and conventions around the world with the main objective of discovering new technologies that will improve the way our clients carry out their processes.

Applied engineering

The applied engineering team of Versus Risk offers a series of products and services making use of its experience and technical and scientific knowledge. These products and services ensure the continuous, reliable and safe operation of pipeline systems, equipment, processes and facilities in the oil industry.


  • Industrial valves.
  • Integrity restitution systems based on Kevlar® tape.


  • Field surveying of equipment, processes and facilities.
  • Structural analysis of equipment and facilities.
  • Development, review and update of Technical Information Package (SSPA).

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