Using state-of-the-art technologies to create the most innovative and effective solutions has been a driving matter throughout Versus Risk since the very beginning of its conception.

Versus Risk emerges as an idea in 2007 when several opportunities within the Mexican energy industry were identified. However, for various reasons, the Corporate Group began operations at the end of 2011 aiming to transform the manner in which several processes in the Mexican oil industry are being conducted by mixing youth and experience together.

The company built its reputation primarily offering integrity engineering analysis mainly for the sleeve installation such as flexibility, mechanical behavior and heat transfer analysis. A few months later, Versus Risk started to perform as a valves seller. With more than fifty valves sold around the country, Versus Risk is recognized for having a great customer service and the lowest times of delivery in the area. Throughout the years, Versus Risk has included new products such as the 3X Engineering and Bluefin products, always focusing on evolving with the current trends and technologies.

Today, Versus Risk defines itself as a dynamic and versatile business group interested in improving different processes in the oil industry in Mexico and Latin America.